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Cellini Design Center Pte Ltd

Cellini Design Center manufactures a large range of furniture and accessories to satisfy a wide spectrum of styles, ranging from Italian contemporary to modern classic. Each collection is carefully studied and researched before actual production to ensure that every piece strikes a perfect balance in quality, design, technical excellence and is able to meet the requirements of customers. The company produces furniture that is not only functional, comfortable and ergonomic but is also aesthetically pleasing.
Contact - Full Member
Jimmy Tan (Director )
  • Office
    26 Changi North Crescent
    Diethelm Keller Building L3

  • Office Postal Code
    Singapore 499637
  • Factory Size
    1 000 000sqf
  • Product
    Bedroom / Customized / Dining / Garden / Kitchen / Living / Office
  • Workforce
  • Annual Output
    $72 m
  • Market Established
    Africa / India / Indonesia / Malaysia / Taiwan / UAE / United Kingdom / United States
  • Market Interested in
    Europe / Middle East

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