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Danovel Pte Ltd

Established since 1960s, Danovel is a manufacturer and retailer of high quality soft furnishings such as draperies, cushions, throws and handcrafted fabric sofas. Its products are customized and handcrafted to meet customer’s preferences, ensuring exclusivity and a high level of fit and finish. Danovel also carries a wide range of imported quality fabrics such as Andrew Martin, Swaffer, Simta, Joanne Fabric, Osborne & Little, Ross Fabric and Biggie Best, each with its individual characteristic to cater to the residential and commercial clients.
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Koh Siag Lan (Managing Director )
  • Telephone
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    19 Tanglin Road
    Tanglin Shopping Centre #02-54/55

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  • Product
    Bedroom / Children / Customized / Handcrafted / Living

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