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KLW Joinery Pte Ltd

KLW Joinery Pte Ltd was founded in year 2010 as one of the companies under KLW Holdings Ltd, a publicly-listed Singapore for more than a decade. The Group has factories in Malaysia and China, with a yearly production of approximately 660,000 doors. The company handles mainly local private residential projects. As part of its innovation and productivity efforts, KLW Joinery Pte Ltd has developed the UNINNO door installation system to increase efficiency in delivering installation services. This cost-effective system is simpler, faster, reliable and hassle-free for its customers.
Contact - Full Member
Lim Jit Siew (Director)
  • Office
    39 Kaki Bukit Industries Terrace
  • Office Postal Code
    Singapore 416 119
  • Product
    Bedroom / Homes / Living / Office

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