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Picket & Rail Holdings Pte Ltd

Picket & Rail Holdings has been in Singapore since 1999 and has furnished more than 200,000 homes. It specialises in furniture and home furnishings.

It truly believes that its customers should deserve the same quality of furniture for every bit of money well-spent. With over 12 years of experience in retailing, exporting, manufacturing and designing furniture, it learnt and heard plenty. Time after time, customers have come up telling of how they are still using its beds, dining tables, chairs from decades ago. It believes that quality is the best advertisement. Time changes but it strives to make sure that its quality doesn't.

Since the beginning, Picket & Rail has provided a wide range of quality furniture for different customers' needs, at a wide variety of prices. Quality can be expressed equally well in a sturdy, wooden stool and an opulent full-leather sofa. No matter the product, it makes sure that the best quality of furniture reaches its customers, and perhaps someday the children of the customers. It does not believe in low-price, low-quality products.

Picket & Rail believes that items of furniture should not be mere physical objects - but that each piece has a cultural value as well. It aims to deliver furniture that speaks, with each line and texture telling a story. Furniture not only to live in, but to live through. From the sturdiness of Americana to the casual sophistication of the Modern Classics, Picket & Rail brings style to your homes. It delivers Thinking People's Furniture.

The woods used in Picket & Rail's furniture are always 100% sustainable, derived from legal sources, light on chemicals, and built to last. Longer lasting furniture means less disposal. Less disposal means less furniture ends up filling up a dump or being incinerated into polluting, black smog. Responsible logging processes hurt the operations of illegal loggers who often use child labour and other unethical means. Picket & Rail protects the Earth because it is the only home we have.

All Picket & Rail's products are on the internet with clearly stated prices and product specifications. Its terms and conditions are spelled out in simple language.

Picket & Rail also
  • provides a three year structural warranty
  • provides free delivery and assembly for all premium items
  • provides a 10 year warranty for our premium mattresses
  • provides a first 14 days on-site service at no charge
  • provides a hotline phone service
  • provides an email and sms contacts to receive customer issues
  • provides customization service for our Cavalli Fabric Sofas
  • provides 5 physical showrooms to view the quality of our products before ordering online
  • provides you on best advice for Wood Furniture
  • provides the widest choice of Modern Classic Model Options in the Island, and much more.
Contact - Associate Member
Faisal Alsagoff (CEO)
  • Office
    25 Tagore Lane
    #02-09 Singapore Godown
  • Office Postal Code
  • Showroom
    Liang Court Showroom Ground Level, Cavalli Italia Design and Build Centre, Modern Classics, Starbay:
    177 River Valley Road, Unit #01-15, Singapore 179030
    Opening Hours: 12noon - 9pm
    Tel: 6338 8921

    Main Showroom, Modern Classics Gallery, Starbay Main Collection, Factory Outlet and HQ:
    Singapore Godown, 25 Tagore Lane, #02-09/02A, Singapore 787602
    Opening Hours: 10am - 7pm
    Tel: 6369 7112

    IMM Showroom Level 3, KUKA Factory Direct
    2 Jurong East St 21, #03-26, Singapore 609601
    Opening Hours: 12noon - 9pm
    Tel: 6565 7132 (KUKA)

    IMM Showroom Level 3, All American Outlet
    2 Jurong East St 21, #03-24, Singapore 609601
    Opening Hours: 12noon - 9pm
    Tel: 6561 5707

    City Square Mall Showroom Level 3, All Wood, Americana, Chicacgo, Modern Classics, Starbay, All Wood, Outlet
    180 Kitchener Road, #03-42/43, Singapore 208539
    Opening Hours: 12noon - 9pm
    Tel: 6509 8390

    For furniture for bars, restaurants and offices please contact us as stated below:
    Contracts Division
    Singapore Godown, 25 Tagore Lane, #02-09, Singapore 787602
    Tel: 6643 9665 | Fax: 6643 9669
  • Product
    Bedroom / Dining / Kitchen / Living / Occasional / Office / Outdoor

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