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Scandinavian Business Seating Asia Pte Ltd

Scandinavian Business Seating was founded in June 2007 when the Private Equity company Ratos integrated and consolidated the Norwegian company HÅG, the Swedish RH Form and the Danish company RBM. Common to all is the fact that they were strong, privately owned and founded companies with long traditions within the development, production and marketing of office chairs in Scandinavia and Europe.

Scandinavian Business Seating offers high quality green design from Scandinavia and exports globally. Its full suite of products and services include Design, Manufacturing and Sale of Ergonomic Work Curies.
Contact - Associate Member
Michael Brisbane (Managing Director(Singapore))
  • Office
    36-38B Pagoda Street, Level 3
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  • Product
    Office / Others
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  • Market Established
    France / Germany / Netherlands / Norway / Sweden / United Kingdom / United States
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