FAQ for Consumers

FLAUNT Story, Where to Shop and Find More Information

What is FLAUNT?

FLAUNT is a curated collective of furniture and furnishing products by Singaporean and international designers and design-centric companies. It provides a branding and virtual shopfront via appointed 3rd-party e-marketplace platforms, such as Lazada.sg. However, by itself, it is not a e-marketplace platform where consumer transactions and logistics fulfilment are often a part of.

Who started FLAUNT and what is it intended for?

Initiated by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), FLAUNT exists to serve two objectives:

• Connect our local designers and design-driven companies with their existing and potential customers, both in Singapore and overseas.

• Share good design with customers who value quality, style and the dedication poured by by the makers themselves.

Where can we find and buy the products and brands under FLAUNT?

FLAUNT and its participating companies and brands are currently found on Lazada.sg and Singtel 99% SME. Purchase of goods and related fulfilment will be done through Lazada’s e-marketplace platform.

Where can you find information on FLAUNT, the latest promotions and product updates?

You may find out about FLAUNT’s latest product features, promotions and related home & living stories at our FaceBook Page: FLAUNTbySFIC

What happens if there were a dispute between me (as a customer) and the participating brands / companies under FLAUNT?

Any dispute between a customer and the brands and/or companies listed under FLAUNT shall be settled responsibly between the two parties.

FLAUNT and its directors, employees, partners, suppliers and other related entities and parties (collectively the “Service Providers”) shall be indemnified and held harmless from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including legal fees, resulting from any activities conducted on the FLAUNT web-page, social media platforms and/or the appointed 3rd-party e-marketplace platforms (collectively known as ‘channels’). This also applies to any activities conducted directly with the participating brands and companies under FLAUNT.

We encourage customers to carefully consider all available product options before making a purchase and/or enter into any contract agreements with any sellers and retailers and that includes the brands and companies under FLAUNT.