MySeat is a thought leader in the local solid wood industry. Founded in 2016, we have evolved into a Singapore-based brand and local retail chain. Serving over 200,000 customers, MySeat carries a wide variety of solid wood furniture collections featuring minimalist, Scandinavian designs that are fully customisable. Traditional solid wood furniture in Singapore is often obsolete. At MySeat, we understand the need to stand out from the norm, and that is why our in-house designers and carpenters offer custom-made furniture curated just for you and your living space. We take pride in creating thoughtfully-made furniture of premium quality and skilled craftsmanship while minimising their negative impacts on Mother Nature. Sustainability and product longevity will always be the core values of MySeat. We aim to fundamentally change the wood furniture industry to create a healthy living environment by providing our customers with toxic-free & sustainable furnishing through our constant innovation and experienced carpentry. With our expertise, we hope to bring you furniture that is timeless, worth keeping and truly personal to you. Let our solid wood furniture be a part of the solid home you are building for yourself and your future generations.

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