Renovator Hub (RH) is one of Singapore's top commercial interior design and renovation firms. It specialises in the conceptualisation of business brands. RH cares most about its client's business and brand, with its irreplaceable profession, dedication and enthusiasm towards business brand conceptualisation. The company produces only the best commercial interior design and renovation for the office and HORECA segments. With the belief that “renovation is the first step of business branding” RH has invested vastly in its talent development to foster professional knowledge about business brand, thus acquiring an intellectual advantage over its rivals, making it way towards being “the most dedicated business renovator”. RH's service is known as the “renovation for brand”. RH is dedicated to a customised, more efficient and sustainable commercial renovation. It provides branded conceptualised interior design with swift service, care and responsibility.

Don Lim
Designation: Director
Telephone: 65667786
Email: don(at)

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