Formed since 1999, SFIC’s Youth Furniture Committee (YFC) comprises of the second echelon generation of industry leaders not more than the age of 40. YFC is borne out of a leadership succession plan put in place by SFIC to steer the future growth of the Council.

With the changing demographic landscape and the rise of the millennials in the workforce and as a powerful consumer group, efforts are being stepped up to nurture younger members to sustain the association’s growth and relevance. YFC provides its NEXT-GEN industry leaders with a holistic experience through a wide range of events and activities to encourage experience-sharing, business networking, and community cohesiveness.

Benefits of joining the YFC include:
• Peer-to-peer networking
• Increased opportunities for cross collaboration
• Foster stronger ties within the NEXT-GEN of local and regional furniture industry
• Platform for knowledge sharing/learning
• Leadership and talent development opportunities

YFC has since expanded its programmes to the ASEAN region and China, with annual exchange opportunities for our NEX-GEN regional leaders.

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