PYTHA: Blazing the trail for South East Asia’s Customisation Wave
Within a year and a half, the two young men sealed deals with 65 woodworking companies – 35 companies from Singapore, and 30 from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Korea. The speed at which PYTHA is penetrating the market and its success hit-rate is undeniably, and remarkably high.
The Great Singapore Furniture Showcase at GSS: Experience Singapore
For the first time, SFIC has partnered with the Singapore Retailers’ Association (organiser of GSS) and Robinsons The Heeren, to curate a Great Singapore Furniture Showcase.
Featuring six of SFIC’s best design cluster members, the collections presented are mostly exclusive pieces produced for GSS in limited quantities.
ipse ipsa ipsum by Sam & Sara
Turning the business into a lifestyle brand for design aficionados with its latest ‘Ipse Ipsa Ipsum by Sam & Sara’ brand, the latin-inspired name translates into ‘for himself, herself and itself’, providing a strong hint to the aspirational leanings of its products.