This unit covers the principles of Design Thinking to achieve innovation. The skills include using Design Thinking principles and applying appropriate techniques of each stage of the Design Thinking process, to develop innovation that meets user needs, wants and desires.

Course Objectives

  • Carry out the Understand stage of the design thinking process to gather insights
  • Carry out the Explore stage of the design thinking process to propagate potential solutions
  • Carry out the Test stage of the design thinking process to refine and improve on potential solutions

Date: 29 – 31 May 2019 (3-day)
Venue: Trade Association Hub, 9 Jurong Town Hall Road
Fee:$298 w/SSG Subsidy for SMEs ($1,498 | Non-SME: $1,138)

How to Apply

  • Download application form here
  • Email completed form with company stamp to Novell ( DID: 65059199)
  • Log-in to Skillsconnect portal & submit application for SSG Grant & Absentee Payroll (More info here)
  • An e-invoice will be sent to your email address
  • Payment to be made upon receipt of invoice – admission to courses are strictly restricted to participants who have already made payment prior to the start of the class.