ARCHIDEX, Southeast Asia’s premier industry trade event, connects industry professionals with renowned architects, influential speakers and exhibitors to explore the latest developments. Following its successful debut last year, ARCHIDEX set to return this year, from 26th to 29th July 2023.

As part of the annual Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival (KLAF), ARCHIDEX serves as a vital platform for the global architecture and building community, offering valuable insights and fostering meaningful connections among professionals.

Seventeen of Singapore’s most innovative furniture companies will be showcasing their products at ARCHIDEX Malaysia this year. Discover the unique designs and superior craftsmanship that Singaporean furniture is known for at the Singapore Pavilion.

Singapore Pavilion

Participating Companies

An industry-leading interior furnishing company with over 48 years of experience in developing a line of high pressure laminates and fibreglass wall panels that combines beauty and functionality for any space. Admira’s creative approach is to consistently curate and launch innovative and sustainable designs that represent the company’s future while providing products of exceptional quality that fulfill the diverse demands of an ever-evolving industry. Whether commercial or residential, Admira’s designs offer endless possibilities that will leave a lasting impression.

Booth Number: 10G211
Company Name: Admira Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Headquarters Singapore
Contact Number: +65 6368 0123

Founded in 2009, BELTISTON started as a customised acoustics solution provider offering practical, effective and competitively priced solutions. With an impressive portfolio of completed projects for esteemed clients such as, Google, Apple, DBS Bank, among many others, we have established ourselves as a trusted industry partner. In 2018, our factory in Malaysia was established, enabling us to develop and manufacture our own acoustic panels and products, ensuring stringent quality control and competitive pricing to our clients. With the recent launch of our carpentry division that offers customised wood furniture without unsightly screws, we are able to further enhance our comprehensive range of solutions.

Booth Number: 10P156
Company Name: Beltiston(S) Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Richard Tan
Contact Number: +65 9835 9959
Title: Director

Buildo Engineering has established a strong rapport with clients, suppliers, architects, interior designers, consultants, and contractors through our product know-how, quality products, design solutions, technical support, dedication, and commitment over the past decade.

Our award-winning products range from green and sustainable architectural materials such as cork-based thermal and acoustic insulation systems, advanced technology waterproofing, construction adhesive solutions, watertight ALC wall and floor systems, and decorative cork interior wall and floor coverings.

In line with our core mission of supporting the global GREEN initiative, we will continue introducing green, sustainable products and innovative solutions to further improve the quality of life, energy efficiency, and well-being of our living environment.

Booth Number: 7H084
Company Name: Buildo Engineering Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Adrian Sia
Contact Number: +65 9888 0828
Title: Business Development Manager

C&R Interiors was established in Singapore in 1977 at a time when custom build wood furniture was still in vogue, executive rooms were built with solid walls, and the concept of Work Stations still unknown. From this humble beginning ,  C&R has since developed as an established Commercial Manufacturer dedicated to craftsmanship,  fueled by the passion for to provide the best in design.

Booth Number: 7P075
Company Name: C&R Interiors Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Jason Wong
Contact Number: +65 6488 0577
+65 9488 3984
Title: Export Director

We have wood for you — Calvary Carpentry® is a leading supplier and installer of high-quality materials based in Singapore and Malaysia. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in timber flooring, decks, stairs, panels, ceiling, and cladding solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. With a commitment to sustainability, we use green accredited materials like Accoya®, OSMO®, Kandinsky®, and Moso®. From concept to completion, our dedicated team ensures precision and professionalism in every project. Our impressive portfolio includes Dyson @ St James Power Station, Singapore Management University, and Changi Airport T3.

Booth Number: 7H078
Company Name: Calvary Carpentry Pte Ltd
Contact Number: +65 6684 4012

At Catalyste, we manage a portfolio of leading interior surface brands headlined by O2+ and Dekodur Distil.

The Extra Ordinary Surface, O2+ fulfils present-day needs for laminates in attractive colours and playful designs complemented by superior properties such as Supermatte and abrasion resistance.

Metals Make Magic with Dekodur Distil’s premium German-engineered real metal laminates. Be wowed with gorgeously decorative textures, colours and functional features like being writeable and magnetic.

Visit our Singapore Experience Hub, CATALAB, where you can experiment with our exciting brands and products, and fully understand how they can help you achieve your dream space.


Booth Number: 10F181
Company Name: Catalyste Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Shane Chong
Contact Number: +65 9188 0017
Title: General Manager

At EDL, we believe that beautiful spaces start with beautiful materials. As specialists in high pressure laminates, we create quality materials that enable our discerning clientele to bring their visions to life. Key to our ethos is an understanding of the emotional connection between designer and creation. Guided by our dedication to supporting their creative journey, we craft explorative and highly tactile materials that look good – and feel even better.

Explore our materials:
Laminate – For carpentry
Compact – For worktops
Module – For wall claddings
Viefe® – For designer handles, knobs, wall hooks and door stoppers


Booth Number: 10H228
Company Name: EDL Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Headquarters
Contact Number: +65 6369 0990

Elmich: Singapore Brand. International Network.

Elmich is a leader in ecologically-minded urban landscaping, waterproofing and stormwater management solutions. We design and deliver innovative, sustainable and proprietary Elmich solutions to developers, architects and builders worldwide. With our global network and dedicated technical expertise, we aim to make the Elmich Difference.

Booth Number: 7G085
Company Name: Elmich Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Cheryl Ong
Contact Number: +65 6356 2800
Title: Senior Manager,
Marketing & Communications

Based in Singapore, Hyphenate Holdings is a holding company with established businesses in innovative space and creative design. Built on a growing network of talented individuals who share the same goal of delivering the ultimate service at every level, Hyphenate celebrates innovation by putting people first, and is constantly looking beyond its operating industries for new opportunities to grow. In its quest to build true connections between brand and people, it aims to become a leading provider of innovative modern living solutions that brings passionate people together to create, innovate and inspire the world.

Booth Number: 7H082
Company Name: Hyphenate Holdings Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Alegre Jansene
Contact Number: +65 9837 5793
Title: General Manager

High Pressure Laminates
Carefully Curated Fine Materials

Founded in Singapore, Panaplast is the purveyor of fine laminates for interior spaces. Every product in the collection is carefully selected to bring about a balance – between colours and textures; simplicity and intricacy.

Seeking to provide the canvas for mindful everyday living, Panaplast approaches its curation with human beings at its heart. Every colour, print, finishing, material and texture carries with it the patina of stories and memories told through spaces.

Booth Number: 10H224
Company Name: Panaplast Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Headquarters
Contact Number: +65 6367 0055

Established in 2015, Pepperwall has become a leading curator of the latest paper, vinyl, textile wallcoverings & acoustic panels for both professional and residential interiors. At Pepperwall, we aim to be the go-to company to add the finishing touches to your interior.

Booth Number: 7H087
Company Name: Pepperwall Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Nigel Yap
Contact Number: +65 8811 1515
Title: General Manager

Saniton is a Singapore-based brand that has been manufacturing high-quality sanitary ware for over three decades. We are one of Singapore’s last two remaining brand manufacturers with our own design and production team, producing sanitary ware in factories in Malaysia and China. With our production facilities, we are ready to serve and distribute our products to a wider market. It is also important for us to evolve, and our designers are constantly innovating to improve the water efficiency, design, and sustainability of our products.

Booth Number: 1L167
Company Name: Saniton Ceramic Pte Ltd
Contact Number: +65 6753 3627
+65 6758 5770

Studio216 presents our exclusive range of custom bespoke rugs made by Ferreira de Sa. The rugs are made in our mills in Portugal with quality natural materials with a sustainable approach. We are the leader of choice for high-end projects. In Malaysia, we are looking for partners.

Booth Number: 7G081
Company Name: Studio216 Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Leon Choong
Contact Number: +65 9819 3265
Title: Director

TR Formliners Pte Ltd is the exclusive agent for RECKLI formliners in Singapore & Malaysia. With over 250 designs and our ability to create bespoke patterns, RECKLI has textured many building facades. Our high standard of aesthetics and quality make us a strong partner for the design of architectural concrete.

Booth Number: 4C402
Company Name: TR Formliners Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Lim Sue Anne
Contact Number: +65 6297 7981
Title: Marketing & Corporate Services

TraDesk desking system has been manufactured in accordance with the standards of ergonomic and innovative solutions that accommodate the latest Trading Technology. As a testament to the quality of the product and quality provided, our manufacturing standard is certified with ISO 9001 :2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001 :2007 / SS 506 Part 1 :2009.

Booth Number: 7G077
Company Name: TraDesk Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Larry Goh
Contact Number: +65 6362 7780
+65 9793 2768
Title: Managing Director

Vertical Green specializes in urban greenery with 14 years of experience. We are committed to transforming spaces to connect people to greener,healthier & happier environment. As a vertical greenery specialist, we provide customised solutions and designs to you by understanding your needs and then converting and infusing nature into your lifestyle and living space.

Booth Number: 7H086
Company Name: Vertical Green Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Darren Neo
Contact Number: +65 6909 9981
Title: Founder & CEO

Wallhub, a renowned leader in wallcoverings, is expanding its reach beyond Singapore with its first overseas showroom in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. With an unrivalled collection from world’s top design houses, Wallhub brings you a wide range of high quality wall products from luxurious wallpaper, bespoke customised mural to exclusive textured paint and coating options. At Wallhub, wallcovering is beyond aesthetics; it’s a commitment to excellence and impeccable standards that consistently surpass expectations.

Booth Number: 7J088A
Company Name: Wallhub Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Richie Chung
Contact Number: +65 9099 6398
Title: Director

For more information, please contact:
Ms Claire Tan
Tel: +65 8300 3295