SINGAPORE – 27 June 2022 – The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), together with Enterprise Singapore, led a group of 16 delegates on a first industry-led Sustainability Business Model Transformation Mission to Copenhagen, Denmark, from 27 June to 1 July 2022.

Working in collaboration with the Copenhagen School of Business Executive Foundation, one of Denmark and Europe’s most established business IHLs, the delegation underwent a tailormade 5-day executive programme with CBSE Professors, high-calibre guest speakers, visits to companies with strong sustainability business practices, as well as engagement and business networking with notable industry leaders from different expanse and scope. This dovetails well with the SFIC’s 2025 vision to position the Singapore furniture industry as “the nexus of tomorrow’s work-life integration for sustainable urban living“.

The mission comes on the back of the recently launched Furniture Sustainability Programme. The objectives for the mission include:

  • Provide a platform for Singapore furniture companies to build sustainability capability, exchange knowledge and experiences with experts/industry leaders in Copenhagen, a leading model of urban sustainability,
  • Provide invaluable networking opportunities between local and international leaders, and
  • Foster potential partnerships for co-solutions and piloting of ideas between industry leaders to stay future ready and competitive.

Copenhagen has been specially chosen as it is a leading model of urban sustainability. Known for its commitment to developing sustainable business practices, corporations and individuals are well subscribed to the philosophy of sustainability and are actively putting their green practices into action.

The 16-member delegation comprised of ESG and SFIC representatives as well as industry leaders spanning across the various sectors that the SFIC comprises, from contract manufacturers, designers, manufacturers, retailers as well as materials/components/service providers. These forward-thinking companies are interested in embracing sustainability in their business practices and are looking for ways to add value to their current business model in line with the increased pressure and motivation from clients and customers to make their businesses more sustainable.

The 5-day intensive programme and company visits were planned to empower participants with pertinent information and knowledge that is seeing Denmark leading the charge in sustainable business practices and be profitable at the same time.


Contact Ms TENG Chu Yu at Tel: 9151 0182 or email with your name, designation company and contact number if you would like to find out more about SFIC’s Sustainability Business Model Transformation Mission Trips.