Ewins Pte Ltd (Ewins) was established in 1967 as Ewins Hardware Pte Ltd, a humble distributor of engineering hardware and machine goods. Today, Ewins is one of the region’s major providers of furniture fittings, components and builders’ hardware.

In the late 2000s, Ewins developed its flagship brands: Veromobi, symbolising design-centric furniture and furnishing components; and Casa, a brand of well-made and reasonably priced furniture and builders’ hardware and fittings. The company also supplies ironmongery and furniture to residential and commercial projects. With Ewins’ newest addition -- THE EWINS HOME, an inspiring furnishings and fittings gallery that has the power to transform a house into an ideal home -- Ewins is poised to be the market leader in home and office furnishings, furniture fittings, builders’ hardware and components in Singapore as well as across the globe. Today, Ewins exports its products to North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Ms Carol Pang
Designation: Secretary
Telephone: 64593311
Fax: 64591606
Email: mark_yong@ewins-group.com
Email 2: wk_yong@ewins-group.com
Other email: ewins@singnet.com.sg
Office address: 39 Sungei Kadut Avenue Singapore 729663
Showroom address: 39 Sungei Kadut Avenue Singapore 729663
Website: http://www.ewins-group.com
Website 2: http://www.theewinshome.com

Bedroom / Components / Kitchen / Office / Systems