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The objective is to provide a platform on Facebook for our members to introduce themselves as well as to share information about their products, services and latest promotions. SFIC will not be liable for the accuracy for the published posts by our members.

Chat etiquette:

  1. Always keep to the purpose of this group –  as articulated above.
  2. Keep the contents appropriate and civil – anything that has to do with race, religion, politics, insensitive messages, heated opinions, faked news and pornographic is a NO.
  3. Kindly ensure your posts are limited to marketing messages of your products and services only.

In larger interest of the group members, any deviation from the group etiquette will be taken seriously. Our administrators reserve the right to remove any posts as well as exit the member concerned from the group permanently without notice.

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Cluster Specialists:
Ms Cheng Wan Ling | Senior Executive (Industry Development) | DID: +65 6505 9196 | Email: wanling@singaporefurniture.com
Mr Christopher Soh | Director (Industry Development) | DID: +65 6505 9180 | Email: christopher@singaporefurniture.com