Picket & Rail Holdings has been in Singapore since 1999 and has furnished more than 200,000 homes. It specialises in furniture and home furnishings.

It truly believes that its customers should deserve the same quality of furniture for every bit of money well-spent. With over 12 years of experience in retailing, exporting, manufacturing and designing furniture, it learnt and heard plenty. Time after time, customers have come up telling of how they are still using its beds, dining tables, chairs from decades ago. It believes that quality is the best advertisement. Time changes but it strives to make sure that its quality doesn't.

Mr Faisal Alsagoff
Telephone: 66439665
Fax: 66439669
Email: shah@picketandrail.com
Email 2: faisal@picketandrail.com
Other email: jack@picketandrail.com
Office address: 25 Tagore Lane #02-09 Singapore Godown Singapore 787602
Website: http://www.picketandrail.com

Bedroom / Dining / Kitchen / Living / Occasional / Office / Outdoor / Systems